London And A Place Called Gallejaur (UK)


London And Gallejaur

I was going to  Google for "weather in Gallejaur", which is 92.8 km northwest from my home in Skellefteå, northern Sweden. But the translation became "weather in malls in London".

The weather in London is not really as I had imagined, then, but first, let's look at the weather in London on Saturday , July 2, 2016.

Northern Sweden 
Illustration: Bengt Lindkvist 

There is Thundershower and about 19' C, about the same as in Gallejaur, but here without Thunder.

Facts: Gallejaur is an old settlement with well preserved buildings.
     Today it is a cultural reserve.
Gallejaur is a Sami name.
Galle= A reindeers skull.

You can read more about it in the links below.