Hunting Hitler And A CIA Ghost (UK)

 Hitler, A Private Investigator And A Former BBC News Journalist 

I love adventure, as in this case,  the reality-doc 'Hunting Hitler', produced by History Channel.
Here we follow the former CIA Ghost and Middle East specialist Bob Baer.

Baer has put together an exciting team consisting of a controversial private investigator, a former news journalist from the BBC and Sky News, a retired U.S. Marshal and a high-profile target Finder from the United States Special Forces.

What 'the Pipeline' writes
The best that can be said about the series is that, as the digital News magazine  ‘thePipeLine’ (see link below) writes is : "it create a versus historical imagination".

Today's speech-to-text wrong-lation:

The name of the CIA veteran Bob Baer became "Bobby Bear".

I have a feeling that it might be a conspiracy behind it all.

Bobby Bears team:

Tim Kennedy

Gerrard Williams

Steven Falls

Lenny DePaul

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