Roaring Rapids And Stinging Nettles

Below me a roaring Rapids on its way to the Skellefteå River, about a hundred metres down.

I stood on the slope of Bureån in the West of Skellefteå and picked Coltsfoot and Stinging Nettles.

They should both be harvested just when they have begun to flower.

Parboil Nettles

One have to Parboil the stinging nettles, if you're going to make soup out of them, as we have done, but we will also dry them in an oven and mix in food. And it is great useful.

The New Wooden Bridge 

I captured the roaring Rapids from a newly built wooden bridge, which was completed in 2015. Further down towards the stream there is an another, older, wooden bridge, which you might see in an another post.