A Homicide Hunters review


Homicide Hunter

Homicide Hunters  is a popular American documentary series that in drama episodes showing the now-retired Colorado Springs police detective Joseph P Kendas murder investigations.

The documentary is showcased in Investigation Discovery, and the series is now for its 5th season. ID has not yet taken a decision for a 6th season, but the series is very popular.

Joe Kenda tells engagely and with insight about his murder cases.

He says himself that he does not tend to yell at the suspects. But he is very determined.

In one of the episodes he avoided speaking directly with the daughter of a woman murdered by her controlling boyfriend. Instead he wait to speak with her another day.

Understanding people

I imagine that Kendas understanding for people have contributed the the solvement of many of the cases.

Speech to text app

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It has learned me to speak slowly and clearly, and it is good training, cause to my stammering.


 Bengt Lindkvist 

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