The Pain Blocker


Prolong Pain

Imagine that you suffered a prolonged pain, just as 10-20% of Europe's population. Then you hear that scientists have developed a pain blocker. But the thing is that the scientists are not able to find any that would fund the project. You must sit there with your pain.

 The magazine 'Ny teknik' (New technologies)... see link below) has a story about scientist in Norrköping, Sweden, that has created an ion pump that blocks pain. But there is non willing to provide money for the pain blocker.

Quality of life increase

You need little imagination to understand how the quality of life would change dramatically for those who may not have to have chronic pain.


I usually make my own illustration for my blog posts and for this story I took a photo of the sky yesterday. In my Pro-photostudio app I strengthened the colors and painted Atomic circles.

I'm thinking about what color is it in ions? And how to illustrate pain?


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