The Phantom

A Phantom Dream      



In anticipation of a performance of the musical "The Phantom Of The Opera" on'Her Majestys Theatre` in London in late May 2015th

Sometime after that my wife and I, together with an elderly woman, which is now gone, had seen the show, I had a dream linked to the show. But I'll tell you about it in a later post.
                                                                          Set My People Free
 what actually got me to start this blog was that I my eyes fell on a blog post by Mona Walter, who grew up in a Muslim family in Somalia, and then fled to Sweden. She wrote about a manifestation that she and the organization "Set My People Free" had planned to hold in Rinkeby on Saturday, 3 October.
Myself, I see a scary notion taking place in our society today, where freedom of expression and the right to choose with impunity or abstain from a religion is challenged by hardline Islamists.
Likewise on the other hand we have the "stranger critical Swedes" who want to stop people fleeing for their lives from, most recently, the war in Syria. In essence they are two opposite poles of the same basic setup.

"Musical - "Phantom