Terror In Sweden


 Terror In Sweden
Today I see a recording of the swedish tv-show Week´s Crime in SVT1 with former Professor Leif GW Persson and the tv host  Camilla Kvarntoft. In my recording list, the program is recorded on 20 October.
Camilla Kvarntoft allows us to see one of the greatest exercises against terrorism carried out in recent years with the collusion of police, fire, ambulance also.
GW Persson says about the exercise, quote, "They should be as close to reality as possible."

                                         The Stabbings
GW Persson had no idea how close to reality it was. Two days later, the murderer went to the school in Trollhättan, Sweden, also stabbed two people to death also injured others.
I hear Camilla tell that Sweden has so far been spared from terror attacks. Feels a bit weird, days after the murders.

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