Bear And Obama


The Bear Trail

In the forest near my home, there is a blue sign posted on a pine. Text on the sign: Björnstigen (Bear trail)!
The sign points to a narrow path that winds its way up a hillside.

When I first saw the sign I thought that the name of the path reflected a lost of time for over a hundred years ago. The chance to meet a bear on the trail should be as large as to meet a jogging President Obama.

I was convinced about that until I read in the newspapers that a bear had been seen on Rönnbäckens golf course just outside Skellefteå, where I live.
A few years ago I saw bear tracks at the Skellefteå river beach just outside the village Svansele, located a few mil west of Skellefteå. Though now luffsar it around in the forests near my home.
But I still believe that the chance to meet Obama on jog on the track is greater than to meet a bear.

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