Chrystal Night Memory-Without Jews




Lighted Candles

I read in the swedish regional newspaper Folkbladet that several hundred Umeå residents had gathered to light candles to remember the terrible Kristallnacht, between 9 November and 10 December 1938th
But the Jews in Umeå were not invited. The Jewish association in Umeå had not even received an invitation.
Promoter Jan Hagglund told the newspaper that it is based on a missunderstanding.

Unwelcome situation

In the site "nyheteridag" I read that organizers have said that "there may be an unwelcome situation for the Jews."
According to onlibe newsmagazine "nyheteridag"local paper Total Umeå was writing that former crystal-night rallies in Umeå participants had brought with them placards which equated the flag of Israel with Nazism.
No wonder then that the Jews did not feel welcome.
But it's the Kristallnacht is all about: to shut out the Jews. In any case, the Jews who do not support the Ship to Gaza.

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