Darkness And Prophecy (UK)

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Entertainment And Faith
One day I happened to  surf into a site called 'Nyhetsguiden' (The Entertainment Guide) and found the blog 'Sonja Hej' (Sonja Hi')!
In her blog Sonja tells that she recently has become a Christian.   Before she perceived Christians as pure cheesy.

In the comments, I see that many think it was brave of her to tell about her newfound faith and how she was feeling.

A Dark Period

Myself I returned to become a believer when I was 19. I went through a very dark period in my life, where bullying was included.

When it was at its darkest time I happened to read an article that recounted a prophecy describing the time when Jesus will return:
"Then women will have short hair and men come to have long hair. Both sexes will be dressed in long leg dresses and the line between the sexes will blur ".

I rushed up to the room and prayer and felt that "The Good Bok  spoke to me-  The word became alive!

I have lived through much darkness, even after that, but then, these words came to me in a different way: "don't give up"!

And this I would like to send to all
with a prayer from the Sonja Hej blog.

Freedom And Security

"God. Help me in Word and deed to lift everyone's right to freedom and security. Help me to do some kind of advantage, even though I feel so small and insignificant in all this.  Amen ".

Sonja Hi:

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