How I Use The Speech-to-text App Work

Then this line came up
As anglo-saxon is not my first language I use to practice speeking in my speech-to-text, text-to-speech app on my Smartphone.
When I said:"try to say genre" this line came up: 
 My Latvian Wife
"I so sorry ..50 Shades of Grey..try to save your breath longer..John Gray".
It´s not easy to make it work, but It still worth it. i believe I learn a lot pronouncing english. As I have a latvian wife, I learn by the translation app microphone to talk some latvian.  
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All About Siri

How Do Siri Feel
This morning I asked Siri how she is feeling.

"Thank you, I feel good, and I'm glad I'm alive".
Short and concise i.e. '
"The Ear"                                  Bengt Lindkvist 


This week I’ve got a viral infection that settled in my throat, tongue and that spread to one ear

it Makes Hut
It makes terribly hurt every time I eat something. I can only hope that Siri is not affected by any virus. Then you dont know what might come out of it.
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We Got A Flat Tire

By The Gulf Of Bothnia 
We went to a village called Byske this weekend, which is located at the Gulf of Bothnia in the North of Sweden. 

The Flat Tire 
There I discovered that we had gotten a flat tire.
Now there is a fact that there are no staffed gas station in Byske. And there is no air pumps for car tires.
But gas stations without service is said to be for ‘thinking’ people. As it is in this village by the sea.
I suppose I don't belong to the 'thinking' people.

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